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5 Success Strategies

Looking at the current market conditions, there will be many different new challenges, new directions, new plans and new market environment ahead after the pandemic.

Therefore, how to face them, how to stay optimistic, yet with upward energy at this time to embrace these new changes.

Most importantly, how to have this “Perfect Intelligence” to turn the crisis into an opportunity?

*5 intensive courses have been designed in response to the 5 success strategies after the pandemic.

  1. Level 12 – The Art Of Gratitude
  2. Level 11 – Time Management & Inner Conversation
  3. Level 10 – Impossible Anger
  4. Level 8 – Automatic Leadership
  5. Advanced Level 1 – Inner & Outer Success

Geshe Michael Roach & his team will be teaching 




尤其在这非常时期 如何保持乐观,充满活力地面对这新的改变。



  1. DCI 12阶-感谢艺术
  2. DCI 11阶-时间管理和脑内对话
  3. DCI 10阶-不可能的愤怒
  4. DCI 8阶-自动领袖力
  5. DCI 高级1阶-内与外皆成功



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