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Level 123 Online Workshops

我们常听人说:“人生不如意的事十之八九。。。”; “花无百日红。。。” ; “你认命吧!” 等等。我们的人生是注定要大起大落或一世平淡的吗? 又或者每一段的人生,生活的点滴里不好的事总是一直重复有恶性的循环,仿佛有个无形的牢笼把自己关闭,甚至久而久之,已说不出自己的人生目标,更不懂活着是为什么。我们就不能永续快乐吗?
人生有这么多的目标要实现,要怎么做才能够兼顾工作、赚钱、家庭、健康和同時拥有内在的平静呢? 怎么做才能重燃对生活的激情呢?

We often hear people say: “Nine out of ten unsatisfactory things in life…”; “A flower does not stays a hundred days red…”; “You accept your fate!” and so on. Is our life destined to have a drastic ups and downs or a dull life? Or in every part of life, the bad things in life’s bits and pieces are always repeated in a vicious circle, as if an invisible cage closes oneself, and even over time, they can’t tell their goals in life, let alone live. Why. Can’t we be happy forever?

The most terrible thing for a person is not to hear what others are saying to us, but to what is being said in our mind conversations; the better we are, the more diligent we are, otherwise it wastes our lives.

There are so many goals to achieve in life. How can we manage our work, money, family, health and inner peace at the same time? What can be done to rekindle the passion for life?

If you have feelings about the above and are unwilling to be content with the status quo, you are welcome to participate in the Level 123 online workshops on Diamond Cutter Wisdom. You will learn to use some tools to tackle the above-mentioned shortcomings in life, in order to achieve all-round success and complete life.

Date 日期: 25,26,27&28/3/2021 
Location 地点: Online Zoom Live 线上
Language 媒介语: Chinese 中文
Time 时间:
25 to 27/3 – 8.50am – 12.30pm, 2.20 – 5.30pm

28/3 – 8.50am – 12.30pm, 2.20 – 5pm
Graduation Ceremony 毕业庆祝会: 28/3, 5 – 6.30pm

2 times of 40 minutes,1 to 1 zoom meet up with Diamond Cutter teachers and assistant teachers

Investment 投资

  • Normal course fee 标准价 : SGD1,500 (10/3/2021 – 25/3/2021)
  • For student attended any of the level 1 or 2 or 3 before 标准价(上过任何1或2或3阶的学生) : SGD900
  • For repeat student 复习价 : SGD400
  • WEALTH 财富: Oxygen Money 氧气般的财富
    How to create OXYGEN money 如何创造无限资源?
  • MASTERING THE MIND 掌控意识: The Beginning of Miracles 创造生活,工作奇迹
    How to make your DREAMS come true 如何善用冥想掌控意识?
  • PASSION 激情: Know Your WHY 找到天赋,激情和使命
    How to find your TALENT and PASSION of Life 我来到这个世界的终极使命是什么?
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