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The 3 Times Book is an everyday journal to help you as you plant seeds daily.

The journal helps you keep track of what seeds you are planting 3 times a day, where you can strengthen the positive effects as well as weaken the negative seeds you may have planted.

It’s like a reality check 3 times a day, and by doing so, you are mindfully changing your reality with the types of seeds you are planting.

Geshe Michael Roach said that some people call this a ‘getting to paradise book’.

So don’t forget to use your 3 times book by stopping what you’re doing 3 times a day, and tracking your seed planting progress! The 3 Times Book is a scaled down version of the 6 Times Book:

The 6 Times Book is an everyday journal to keep you on track with your seed planting efforts. The journal will allow you to strengthen the positive effects you have on all around you & reduce the negative effects. In a way, you are keeping yourself on track 6 times a day & by doing so you can mindfully change your reality.

Geshe Michael say that some people call this a ‘getting to paradise book’, which is great although the best would be to call it the ‘6 Times Book’. This is so that you don’t forget the main purpose of the book: for you to periodically and mindfully pause 6 times throughout the day, open the book & write the seeds you have planted and track your progress.

So for beginners, the 3 Times Book is perfect for you to get a sense of your mindfulness and seed planting efforts.

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