【Diamond X Talk】

创造与掌控时间, 打造企业美好未来

Date: 6 Dec 2020
Time : 7.30pm – 10.00pm
Location: Online Zoom Live
Ticket Price : SGD 10

Time management is something that everyone needs to learn and master. In particular, entrepreneurs have to take care of their families while sprinting into their careers, and the candles burn at both ends.

I am caught in time anxiety every day, chased by the to-do list. How can we have three heads and six arms to complete more to-dos and dreams?

2020 is about to end, how to use time management to make the final sprint towards the goal? Or even make advanced deployments for 2021 in advance?

We sincerely invite you to learn how to use the diamond Cutter ancient wisdom to create and master time, so that your career can reach another peak.

It is taught by the senior teachers of Diamond Cutter Wisdom T-Jenny and T.Sunny.

地点:在线Zoom Live
票价:SGD 10






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【Level 123 Workshop】

Date: 1, 2, 3 & 4 Jan 2021
Location: Online Zoom Live

Investment ( Select the option below)

  • Special Course Fee will be SGD1399 (2/12/2020 – 16/12/2020)
  • Normal Course fee will be SGD1500 (17/12/2020 -30/12/2020)
  • Course fee will be SGD900 (For student attended any Level 1/2/3 before )
  • Repeat Student SGD400

The Diamond Cutter Executive Workshops

Level 1 Workshop: Correct Worldview: How do you Plant for Oxygen Money

How to overcome the idea of limited resources and being forced to choose between different options. This first course provides an overview of how Diamond Cutter Principles work which we will focus on:

  • Learning how the world really works using tools to retrain both mind and body
  • Know what are the Critical Factors that determine your Business Success
  • Why we should practice meditation & what does it do for Us In our Business
  • Why Practice Lady Niguma Yoga & its correlation with our body
  • A practical tracking system to monitor your real success
  • How to identify a karmic business partner for a successful collaboration.
  • How to plant seeds to create the Success that we want!

Level 2 Workshop: Finding Your Passion in Your Life

Learn how to find and ignite your passion in business and in life.

  • How to stop seeing bad things in your life
  • Why all our day-to-day Natural Reactions are mostly wrong
  • How mental seeds ripen to create the world you see
  • Using this system, how to find passion in Life
  • How the 4 sets of 4 work together to make your Dreams Come True
  • How Lady Niguma Yoga System can make you younger
  • Karmic business partner: Defining our commitment to the selected business partner

Level 3 Workshop: Mastering Your Mind: A Calm & Powerful Mind for Life & Business

How to master your mind starting with 5 minutes daily. This third course focuses on how to master your mind, and by using meditation to create the success that you want in your life and business:

  • Why is Meditation So Important
  • Environmental Conditions for Meditation
  • How to have a Good Meditative Mind
  • What to eat to have a good Meditation
  • Powerful meditation techniques for your day-to-day events
  • Lady Niguma Yoga on Chakras & Mortality
  • How to keep your Daily Practice going
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City Intensive Level 12
【The Art Of Gratitude】

Date: TBC
Venue: Online
Time: TBC
Normal price: SGD1990

Enrolment closes on June 2021@12pm 

  • Every ONE Enrolment / Investment is entitled ONLY to ONE Person / ONE Pax for EACH Event / Training

  • Every ONE Enrolment / Investment is entitled ONLY to ONE (preferred language) Manual & Training Materials

  • Your name used in this purchase will be recorded & used officially for the Training, Graduation Certificate & Manual

  • Simultaneous Interpretation in Chinese or Bahasa Indonesia will be made available


日期: 待定
地点: 线上
原价: SGD1990

报名日期及时间将在2021 年6 月份中午12点 

  • 每一份报名/费用仅供一人/一个人一个项目/培训课程

  • 每一份报名/费用仅供一份(所选语言)课件及课程材料

  • 您在此表格里所使用的名字将被记录并正式使用于课程,毕业证书以及课件

  • 课程将提供华语或印尼语同步翻译

Course Fee Reference 学费参考

SGD1590 – 1 pax / 一人报名 (16 Nov – 31 Dec 2020@23.59pm)
SGD1690 – 1 pax / 一人报名 (1 Jan 2021 – 31 Mar 2021@23.59pm)
SGD1990 – 1 pax / 一人报名 (1 Apr 2021 – June 2021)


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Geshe Michael Roach

Geshe Michael Roach has written more than 20 books to date, including best selling business title, The Diamond Cutter, translated and published in more than 25 languages and countries. The book depicts the smashing success of Andin International which grew from a small investment to USD250 million in annual sales, and was later acquired by a veteran investor, Warren Buffett.


迄今为止,格西。麦克罗区 已写了20多本书,其中包括最畅销的商业书籍《当和尚遇到钻石 The Diamond Cutter》,并翻译和出版以超过25种语言销售到每个国家/区域。这本书描述了安鼎国际公司如何取得巨大的成功,该公司从经营一笔很小投资 增长到2.5亿美元的年营业额,后来被资深投资者沃伦·巴菲特(Warren Buffett)收购。


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