Geshe Michael Roach

Every year, Geshe Michael Roach takes time off his packed schedule to give a Public Talk in Singapore to share with everyone The Diamond Cutter system that has been used by people from all over the world to gain success in all areas of their lives.

Led and accompanied by our Diamond Cutter Institute Global Team

The whole program will be 30 Days long

4 Weekends with different heavy weight invited guests delivering online 60 minutes Q&A session

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每年,格西·迈克·罗奇(Geshe Michael Roach)都会抽空安排时间在新加坡进行公开演讲,与所有人分享“金刚智慧”种子体系,该体系已被世界各地广泛使用在其生活的各个领域并且也获得成功。







City Intensive Level 12 
The Art Of Gratitude Online Ticket 
城市密集 第12阶 –感谢艺术线上课程
Date: TBC
Venue: Online
Time: TBC
Normal price: SGD1990
Please refer below for early bird prices special package (can extend payment until 24 October at 23:59 pm)
  • Purchase coupon of SG$200 (RM600) (valid until 23:59 pm on October 24) at DCW website to book price at SG$2600 (RM7800) for 2 pax
  • Purchase coupon of SG$ 100 (RM300) (valid until 23:59 pm on October 24) at DCW website to book price at SG$1390 (RM4170) for 1 person
Enrolment closes on June 2021@12pm 
  • Every ONE Enrolment / Investment is entitled ONLY to ONE Person / ONE Pax for EACH Event / Training
  • Every ONE Enrolment / Investment is entitled ONLY to ONE (preferred language) Manual & Training Materials
  • Your name used in this purchase will be recorded & used officially for the Training, Graduation Certificate & Manual
  • Simultaneous Interpretation in Chinese or Bahasa Indonesia will be made available
城市密集第12阶 –感谢艺术在线门票
日期: 待定
地点: 线上
原价: SGD1990
早鸟价请参考下方特别配套(可延期至10月24日23:59pm 付款)
  • 可以到 DCW (以下网址) 购买 SG200元 (RM600)固本(有效期至10月24日23:59pm)用以预订二人同行特价SG$2600(RM7800)
  • 可以到 DCW (以下网址) 购买 SG100元 (RM300)固本(有效期至10月24日23:59pm)用以预订一个人特价$1390(RM4170)
报名日期及时间将在2021 年6 月份中午12点 
  • 每一份报名/费用仅供一人/一个人一个项目/培训课程
  • 每一份报名/费用仅供一份(所选语言)课件及课程材料
  • 您在此表格里所使用的名字将被记录并正式使用于课程,毕业证书以及课件
  • 课程将提供华语或印尼语同步翻译
Course Fee Reference 学费参考
  • SGD1390 – 1 pax / 一人报名 (17- 19 Oct 2020@23.59pm)
  • SGD2600 – 2 pax / 二人同行 (17- 19 Oct 2020@23.59pm)


  • SGD1490 – 1 pax / 一人报名 (20 Oct – 31 Dec 2020@23.59pm)
  • SGD2800 – 2 pax / 二人同行 (20 Oct – 31 Dec 2020@23.59pm)


  • SGD1690 – 1 pax / 一人报名 (1 Jan 2021 – 31 Mar 2021@23.59pm)
  • SGD1990 – 1 pax / 一人报名 (1 Apr 2021 – June 2021)
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DCI Level 11 – Oct 17 & 18 2020
Watch 2 videos – Geshe Michael Roach
Time Management Using Inner Conversation 

DCI 11阶-2020年10月17日至18日
观看2个视频 – 格西。麦克罗区

Geshe Michael Roach

Geshe Michael Roach has written more than 20 books to date, including best selling business title, The Diamond Cutter, translated and published in more than 25 languages and countries. The book depicts the smashing success of Andin International which grew from a small investment to USD250 million in annual sales, and was later acquired by a veteran investor, Warren Buffett.


迄今为止,格西。麦克罗区 已写了20多本书,其中包括最畅销的商业书籍《当和尚遇到钻石 The Diamond Cutter》,并翻译和出版以超过25种语言销售到每个国家/区域。这本书描述了安鼎国际公司如何取得巨大的成功,该公司从经营一笔很小投资 增长到2.5亿美元的年营业额,后来被资深投资者沃伦·巴菲特(Warren Buffett)收购。


All our Diamond Cutter Wisdom teachers have been undergoing rigorous training and certified by DCI teacher Geshe Michael Roach in America SCIM before delivering DCI courses in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia etc.

Teacher's Profile

How access L11 videos Replay Guide
Bagaimana mengakses Panduan Replay video L11

Video Demo: For Singapore & Malaysia student, how to login to watch L11 Replay. 


Presentasi video: untuk pelajar Cina dan Indonesia. Cara masuk ke Youku untuk menonton tayangan ulang ke-11.
视频指南:给中国和印尼学生。如何登录Youku 观看第11阶重播。



**Important Note** Members who purchased City Intensive course Time Management Level 11 will be able to access to view all pre-recorded videos till 15 Nov 2020. Simply click the “PLAY” button to access.

>>  City Intensive, 12 Life Tools, Yoga, Meditation & Evening Dessert  

重播第11阶 >>
**重要的提示** 购买了城市密集课程时间管理第11阶的会员将可以观看所有预先录制的视频至 2020年11月15日。只需点击“播放”按钮即可观看。

>> 城市密集型,12种生活工具,瑜伽,冥想和晚间甜点


Yoga is one of the important life tool being taught in all DCI level 1-10 not only to keep our body healthy, most importantly our mind. Students are required to practise it daily in order to experience the benefits themselves. Coming soon….

重播 >>

在所有DCI 1-10阶中,瑜伽都是重要的生活工具之一,不仅可以保持身体健康,更重要的是可以保持身心健康。学生需每天练习,以便亲身体验其好处。即将来临….


View the latest Peach Tree Circle video by Geshe Michael Roach where he will be answering some pertinent questions post by students from all walk of life. Simply click the “PLAY” button to watch.

重播 >>

观看Geshe Michael Roach的最新《桃树晨间秀》视频,他将回答各行各业学生的一些相关问题。只需点击“播放”按钮即可观看。


DCI Student: Angela

Often heard from friends around that their marriage relationship is not as sweet as before, it becoming more and more dull and tasteless, and the relationship may end. Not only in marriage, as long as it is a relationship between people, such as siblings, colleagues, family members, customers, etc., they will be regarded as passers-by from a close and tacit relationship to later difficulties in communication even become stranger.


常常会听到身边的朋友提起,他们婚姻关系大不如以前那样甜蜜,越来越平淡无味甚至这段关系可能告终。不仅发生在婚姻关系里,只要是人与人之间的关系,如;手足、同事、家人、顾客等,会从关系密切默契十足到后来的难以沟通视同路人。 让种子体系告诉你如何停止这些悲剧,维持并让关系更上一层楼。

DCI Student : Serene Goh

Our students share their success stories on how they applied the seeds system and successfully planted their dream goals..



DCI Student : Let Gaik Ling

share how to using the seed system to learn how to plant limitless time for ourselves to do something else that we have always wanted to in our lives!


让Gaik Ling 分享如何使用种子系统来学习如何为自己创造无限的时间来做我们生活中一直想做的事情!

DCI Student : Sandy

Listen and see how to use the four powers of diamond business law to make her life better




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