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Date: 7, 8, 9,15,16 May 2021 (5 Days)
Venue: Online

Regular Price: SGD1806
Special Price: SGD1520

Enrolment closes on 30 April 2021@11:59am

  • Every ONE Enrolment / Investment is entitled ONLY to ONE Person / ONE Pax for EACH Event / Training

  • Every ONE Enrolment / Investment is entitled ONLY to ONE (preferred language) Manual & Training Materials

  • Your name used in this purchase will be recorded & used officially for the Training, Graduation Certificate & Manual

城市密集第12阶 –感恩艺术在线门票

日期: 2021年5月 7,8,9,15,16日 (5天)
地点: 线上

原价: SGD1806
特价: SGD1520

报名日期及时间将在2021 年4 月30日,11点59分

  • 每一份报名/费用仅供一人/一个人一个项目/培训课程

  • 每一份报名/费用仅供一份(所选语言)课件及课程材料

  • 您在此表格里所使用的名字将被记录并正式使用于课程,毕业证书以及课件。

buy - sgd 1,520
Success Inside & Outside

Level 123 Online Workshops

We often hear people say: “Nine out of ten unsatisfactory things in life…”; “A flower does not stays a hundred days red…”; “You accept your fate!” and so on. Is our life destined to have a drastic ups and downs or a dull life? Or in every part of life, the bad things in life’s bits and pieces are always repeated in a vicious circle, as if an invisible cage closes oneself, and even over time, they can’t tell their goals in life, let alone live. Why. Can’t we be happy forever?

The most terrible thing for a person is not to hear what others are saying to us, but to what is being said in our mind conversations; the better we are, the more diligent we are, otherwise it wastes our lives.

There are so many goals to achieve in life. How can we manage our work, money, family, health and inner peace at the same time? What can be done to rekindle the passion for life?

If you have feelings about the above and are unwilling to be content with the status quo, you are welcome to participate in the Level 123 online workshops on Diamond Cutter Wisdom. You will learn to use some tools to tackle the above-mentioned shortcomings in life, in order to achieve all-round success and complete life.

Date: 27, 28, 29 & 30 May 2021
Location: Online Zoom Live
Medium: English Only
Graduation Ceremony  30 May, 5 – 6.30pm

2 times of 40 minutes,1 to 1 zoom meet up with Diamond Cutter teachers and assistant teachers


  • Early Bird course fee: S$1199 (up to 27/04/2021)
  • Special Price course fee: S$1399 (28/04/2021 – 11/05/2021)
  • Normal course fee: S$1500 
  • For student attended any of the level 1 or 2 or 3 before: S$900
  • For repeat student: S$400

WEALTH: Oxygen Money
How to create OXYGEN money?

MASTERING THE MIND: The Beginning of Miracles
How to make your DREAMS come true?

How to find your TALENT and PASSION for Life?

buy - sgd 1,199

5 March 21 Sharing Night

Geshe Michael Roach

He loaned 50,000 US dollars and hired 3 employees to start Andin International Diamond Company in Manhattan. By applying the Diamond Cutter Wisdom to manage the company, it has become one of the fastest growing companies in New York. Its annual turnover is 250 Million, and it has 10,000 employees in the all over world. The company was acquired in 2009 by Warren Buffett. He is the author of the book “The Diamond Cutter”, which has sold millions of copies in the world bestseller list and has been translated into more than 20 languages. He is a popular international speaker of Diamond Cutter Wisdom. Through the Diamond Cuter Wisdom, he has helped countless people achieve extraordinary success in their lives, business and careers.