King Of The Dharma

Geshe Michael studied in-depth with his teacher for 25 years, after years of study he became a very intelligent teacher, where he knew how things work. He studied many ancient classics. He wrote the book “King of the Dharma” which is about the wisdom of “Je Tsongkhapa”. Mr. Geshe Michael will explain especially the wisdom of this book in the last three days of 2021. We hope you will not miss this opportunity to learn from him.

正 法 之 王
格西麦克罗区与他的老师深入学习25年,他也因为这样的学习成为一个非常有大智慧的老师,了知事物是如何运作的,他学习许多古经典, 他写了这本《正法之王》是关于宗喀巴大师的智慧,格西麦克罗区特别在2021年最后三天来讲解此书的智慧,希望你不会错过与他学习的这一机会。

book 电子书 電子書

Our Goals 

Diamond Cutter Wisdom will set aside 70% of the net profit from the sale of this book to support Geshe Michael’s two projects:
The place where Geshe Michael once learned from his teacher and became a teacher the operation and maintenance funds of the monastery.
Geshe Michael would like to raise fund for the Castle Rock Storage project he bought for the Correct World View Organization.
Your purchase would make you a sponsor of both projects! It’s a rare opportunity to plant such beautiful and far-reaching seed of wisdom. Act now!!


Diamond Cutter Wisdom 将会把这本书销售收益的70%来支持格西麦克罗区两个项目:

Translation and proofreading honor team
Tribute to every hero behind the scenes who participated in the translation and proofreading of this book


Our Valued Sponsors

(Jesslyn Ong’s Family)
King Of the Dharma Platinum Sponsor

The fund that you sponsored will be used to support the translation and printing of all related matters required for the smooth publication of this book.
To support the publication of “King of the Dharma”, Geshe Michael once said: as long as anyone reads this book, even if you are sleeping, the seeds of your karma bank keep growing exponentially.


Sponsorship Packages | 赞助配套

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** Important note:

  • King Of The Dharma “Physical English Full Version” and “eBook Chinese Partial Version”
  • Both versions are ONLY available for sales in selected countries ranging from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Australia. 
  • NOT available for sales in these countries: China & Hong Kong
** 重要的提示:
  • 正法之王“实体英文完整版”和“电子书中文部分版”
  • 两种版本均仅在选定的国家/地区销售,包括新加坡、马来西亚、文莱、印度尼西亚、泰国、越南、台湾、日本、澳大利亚。
  • “没有” 在这些国家/地区销售:中国和香港