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Ten-Year Debt Miraculously Resolved
I like to share my little story with you: how my debt was resolved in a way that was almost like a miracle. I hope my experience can help friends with similar challenges  and share with you the life tool that is able to solve whatever challenges that you’re facing. 
2021 was a very tough year for me. Sales were slow, and one by one my customers stopped buying from me. My income took a big hit and I had to stop paying the loans my siblings had given me to pay off a credit card debt. I was regularly doing the four steps that we learn in Diamond Cutter Wisdom:
1.Think of what you want
2.Find a ‘karmic partner’ –
a. A. someone who wants the same thing as you
b.Plan how you help your Karmic partner through weekly meeting
3.Do it – Help that person to  achieve  his/her goal 
4.Celebrate what you’ve done for your karmic partner with ‘coffee meditation’, by recalling on the good deeds that you have done for them 
Somehow , it didn’t seem to be working and I wasn’t seeing results. Why? I realised that I wasn’t really doing Step 4 – the coffee meditation. 
So how did I turn things around? 
In November 2021, I heard the teaching about the downward spiral that happens if you have debt. (That is, it will become harder and harder to get out of the debt hole.) I decided that I wanted to stop this so I wrote down a clear wish to reduce my debt by 50% in 2022.
A)  Someone who wants the same thing as you
In January this year, I was given the opportunity by Teacher Jenny from Diamond Cutter Wisdom to serve the group with a bigger role. I was invited to join  as a Workshop OC, Overall InCharge, under the guidance of Teacher Carine.
I decided to volunteer my time during the Wealth to Mastery session in early February 2022. I knew then in March and April I would have a big opportunity to earn money because my company was planning a  Limited Time Offer. I knew that by volunteering to help others learn about creating the seeds for wealth, I would also be planting money seeds for myself and I could start the process of getting rid of my debt for good.
So, Diamond Cutter Wisdom became one of my karmic partners. At the same time in the workshop I also have a good karmic partner from the volunteer team. We were a good fit because our challenges and goals matched.
During our weekly meeting, I really opened up and shared my issues, and  also really helped her. I suggested we set up a money box for our debts and pay a little bit off daily. Every day I put money in the box, I thought about my bigger motivation: wanting to pay off my debt, so my siblings  and I would no longer have to worry about money. As well as my karmic partner will no longer have money issues. 
Every day, I do the four steps and “planted” some money in the money box mindfully that  I really want to reduce my debt.
While doing so,  I also got clarity to pay debt first before spending more money.  I also fulfilled a lot of wishes for mum, DCW, my sidelines, my team who are my fertile soil.
In the Wealth mastery workshop, I finally understood the coffee meditation fully. Teacher Grace gave a bonus to all the students who had attended the workshop— five nights of guided coffee meditation!  I seized the chance to attend because I knew I was weak in this area. 
After which, myself with another three volunteers, we volunteered to continue to run another seven days of coffee meditation. As I helped the students improve their coffee meditation, my own coffee meditation became better.
Firstly, an endowment plan that I saved for 18yrs was finally completed in Feb and I have a huge sum of money that can pay off part of my debts. 
Then, my sisters decided to write off my debt with them and now I just have to pay my remaining debt to my brother. 
That’s  how I cleared my huge debt with the Four Steps life tool.
I encourage everyone not to miss the Diamond Cutter Level 123 course, using both inside and outside methods to achieve success with the Four Steps life tool.
What if, you can achieve all the goals in your life with Diamond Cutter Wisdom, what will be the kind of life you are looking for??
Looking forward to seeing you in our Diamond Cutter family soon!