King Of The Dharma

Geshe Michael Roach studied with his teacher for 25 years, and he became a very intelligent teacher, understanding how things work, and in the course of his studies with his teacher, he also deeply studied the ancient wisdom from many masters. The book 《 King of the Dharma》 is the wisdom from one of the great masters – “Je Tsongkhapa”. Geshe Michael will be walking through this book with us. We hope you will not miss this opportunity to learn from him.

正 法 之 王

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Our Goals 

Diamond Cutter Wisdom will set aside 70% of the proceeds from the sale of this book to support Geshe Michael’s two projects:
The place where Geshe Michael once studied with his teacher and became a teacher here-the operation and maintenance funds of the monastery.
Geshe Michael wants to fund the Castle Rock Storage project he bought for the Correct World View Organization.
Your purchase has made you a sponsor of both projects! So it’s a rare opportunity to plant such a beautiful and far-reaching seed of wisdom. Act now!!


Diamond Cutter Wisdom 将会把这本书所卖的收益的70%来支持格西麦克罗区先生两个项目: