Written approximately 1800 years ago, its wisdom has proven timeless. In a world filled with distractions and social pressures, practitioners use this text as a clear guide on the path out of suffering, as a tool for mastering their mind, and as a clarifier for understanding the true nature of reality.

Yoga Sutra Chapter 4

It is the last chapter of the series of 4 in total. It is the most beautiful chapter derived from 2000 over years. Organized by YSIG Yoga Studies Institute Global – Geshe Michael will be leading the teaching together with his team of professors.

Learn from Master Teacher Michael Roach

Michael Roach is the first American to complete the “Geshe” degree after 25 years of study in India. At the same time, he helped found Andin International Diamond Corporation in New York City, where he used yogic principles to help it grow from a small investment to $250 million USD in annual sales. Andin was ultimately purchased in 2009 by super-investor Warren Buffet. Geshe Michael’s profits from the sale were used almost entirely to create and support several charitable organizations, one of which was an input project that has now digitized over 2 million pages of Asia’s classic philosophical texts.

Get the essence of the essence of the most essential text in yoga philosophy.

Michael has tirelessly studied and translated the great ideas of yogic philosophy for over 50 years.  A master of both Sanskrit and Tibetan, he uses the 100,000+ books in the ALL textual database to ensure the accuracy of his translations. This truly unique translation project of the Yoga Sutra was completed from within the depth and clarity of his 3 year 3 month 3 day silent meditation retreat.  This is why YSIG does yoga different.

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About the course

Learn the millennials-old teachings on the final stages of the journey to the state of kaivalya, or Total Purity.

Imagine, your whole life you’ve been wearing tinted sunglasses–ones that make the whole world, everything, seem red. But the problem is that you don’t know that it is the glasses that are making the world appear red. You think the world really is red. This is how misunderstanding infects every single perception we’ve ever had and leads in turn to every single negative thought and negative emotion that we have ever experienced.

So how are we going to fix this problem? If everything seems red, how can we see not-red? How are we going to use the broken instrument of the mind to fix itself? How can the problem also be the solution? How and why would we ever take the glasses off?

In this 4th and final chapter of the Yoga Sutra, Master Patanjali explains this and other very challenging questions as he leads us through the final stages of our journey to the state of Kaivalya, or Total Purity.

In addition to Geshe Michael’s teaching, YSIG instructors will lead daily meditations, yoga asana classes, and hold an in-depth study group.  As well, the incomparable Michael Johnson will lead us in Sanskrit classes. 

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