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L8 Automatic Leadership

你是否正面对着 带领团队的问题?身为领袖的你,身边总是有人 标签 着你,不断地 编造关于你的故事🧐 久而久之,你便相信了他们,并开始 自我怀疑🤔 最后,你的 自信心开始动摇,导致你失去了带领团队的内在力量😔
来临星期日, 格西老师将为我们揭晓👇
1. 🔥重燃我们自信的终极方法
2. 👊改变他人对我的看法的秘诀
3. 😎人人都愿意听你的话的秘密
当你掌握了这些秘诀,并运用在你的生活及事业上,你会发现你的 内在力量大幅提升,人人都愿意跟随你,你的生活与事业将会越来越成功与快乐🥳🥳🥳
日期:31/10/21 日
🔥 DCIG Level 8 Automatic Leadership🔥
‼️ The Public Talk is just around the corner‼️
Are you having a problem with leading a team? As a leader, there are always people around you who label you and constantly makeup stories about you. 🧐 Over time, you would believe in them and start to doubt yourself. 🤔  Finally, your self-confidence begins to waver, causing you to lose the inner strength in leading a team. 😔
On this coming Sunday, Geshe Michael Roach will disclose to us 👇
1. 🔥 The ultimate way to rebuild our confidence
2. 👊 The secret to changing how others think about you
3. 😎 The secret of having people listening to you
When you master these secrets and apply them to your life and career, you will find that your inner strength will increase greatly, everyone would want to follow you, and your life and career will be more successful and happy 🥳 🥳 🥳
Date: 31/10/21 Sun
Time: 10am-12pm
Hurry up, bring along your friends and click on the link below to sign up for the session🔥
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